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Mt. Hood Skibowl Shuts Down Bike Park Due to Injury Lawsuit

The operators of Mt. Hood Skibowl in Oregon have decided to suspend bike park operations following an $11.4M verdict against them in an injury lawsuit.

River Bluff Trails Park Opens More Opportunity for Midwestern Mountain Bikers

A new bike park in St. Joseph, Missouri is set to open at the end of May, fitting in with a rapid growth of trails in the Midwest.

Where Will You Travel to Ride This Summer?

One of our favorite things about mountain biking is traveling to ride great trails all over the world. Tell us where you’re heading to ride bikes this year, or where you’ve already been!

Trail Flow: Fresh Singletrack Blooms in Texas, the Northwest, and New Zealand

New mountain bike trails are under construction from Texas to New Zealand this spring.

The Forest Service’s new E-bike Rule is Clear: Wait and See What Happens

We spoke with representatives from the USFS and IMBA to better understand new e-bike trail access directives.

Trail Flow Thursday: Berm Park, NC Grand Opening, Trail Construction, and a Bike Park Next to a Brewery

The 2012 Olympic MTB course gets repairs, Berm Park grand opening, plus new trails in Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and Georgia.

How the Whistler Bike Park Opens Earlier Than Most Each Season

The Whistler Bike Park in British Columbia typically opens in mid-May each year thanks to preparation, the hard work of the trail crew, and a bit of help from nature.

Do You Like Wall Rides? [Survey]

While some may enjoy the thrill of aiming for the top of the boards, for others, wall rides are a thing to be feared. For others still, they’re a little boring and unnatural.

The Mountain Biker’s Guide to Nature 🌍

Take a breather this Earth Day and learn a little bit more about your surroundings with The Mountain Biker’s Guide to Nature.

Advocates from 3 Mountain Bike Destinations Talk About Visitor Growth and How to be a Sustainable Tourist

Trail advocates in Sedona, Vermont, and Colorado share tips for being responsible mountain bike tourists.

Trail Flow: Bike Parks and Mountain Trails Eye Opening Dates Plus a Well-Known Corkscrew Feature is Gone but not Forgotten

New trails are opening in Tasmania and Oregon along with seasonal bike parks and trails from Italy to California.

Boggs From the Ashes: How a Collaboration Resurrected a Recreation Area

Volunteers are working to rebuild the wildfire damaged mountain bike trails in Boggs Mountain Demonstration Forest in California.

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